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Must-Try Foods in Mexico City

Tacos al pastor Mexico City has become known for this seasoned, spit-roasted pork that was brought to the country by Lebanese immigrants and is now served into the wee hours across the city. Watch chefs masterfully shave meat and pineapple into tiny corn tortillas, then add your own...

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Austria It’s impossible to tell if cheesemaker Sepp Hechenberger is angelic or angry when entering his timber cabin and dairy farm, about a mile up the Wilder Kaiser mountain in the Austrian alps. He’s throwing 50-pound wheels of his award-winning...

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1. Wine. The wines from the islands are still relatively new, but they are putting out some great ones. White wines from São Miguel are already reaching maturity, and the red wine coming from Pico is exceptional, especially the Curral Atlântis...

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